1. Making Jersey-based web-services be JSONP friendly

    It's pretty easy to make web-services answer with JSONP callbacks if you're using Jersey. Adding single filter you can make all web-services' resources add callbacks to their response.

    Here is the code of such filter. Note that it's Jersey-based.

    package net.sukharevd.ws.rs;
    import javax.ws ...
    Tagged as : Java
  2. Gzipping website in Amazon S3 bucket

    Amazon S3 enables users to create static websites easily. It goes without saying that as far as websites are static there's no server related "sugar" like dynamic HTTP headers that depends on user's request. Unfortunately it also means that S3 service can't respond with either compressed or ...

    Tagged as : Amazon S3 Python
  3. Fix Skype's crashes while answering calls in Linux

    Skype crashes when you answer a call in Debian-like Linux operating system? But you can initiate call without crashes at the same time? Install package libasound2-plugins if so

    sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

    Don't ask why it couldn't be installed as dependency. And why it causes ...

    Tagged as : Linux
  4. Using JNI for calculations

    I had plenty free time lately. Out of boredom, I decided to try something new and interesting, something what I wouldn't probably use for my job. Something like JNI.

    JNI enables programmers to run native code from Java and vice versa. It can be used to improve performance of ...

    Tagged as : Java C

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