1. Fix Skype's crashes while answering calls in Linux

    Skype crashes when you answer a call in Debian-like Linux operating system? But you can initiate call without crashes at the same time? Install package libasound2-plugins if so

    sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

    Don't ask why it couldn't be installed as dependency. And why it causes ...

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  2. MySQL. UTF-8 database creation snippet

    Well, I haven't remembered syntax of database creation in UTF-8 character set with MySQL for quite a long time. Finally I decided to write a little snippet because I used it so often last time.

    CREATE DATABASE database CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
    CREATE USER 'username'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY ...
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  3. JBoss AS 7 Configuration

    It's kind of not trivial to use JBoss AS after usage of containers like Apache Tomcat or Jetty. And unfortunately JBoss AS isn't distributed in the way that let it be easily set up as service. This article is just a remember for me how should I install ...

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  4. SSH tunneling in Linux

    Once you have SSH access to the server, you can use tunneling to connect to its services that are unavailable to others.

    Use the following command to make example.com:1521 be available as your localhost:1522.

    ssh -N -p 22 usename@example.com -L 1521:localhost:1522
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  5. Code highlighting in Vim

    To enable code highlighting in Vim add text "syntax on" to file ~/.vimrc or execute the following command:

    echo "syntax on" >> ~/.vimrc

    If you want to enable highlighting only once, you can execute the following command from Vim (press Esc before typing to exit from insert/replace mode):

    :syntax on
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