New Wildfly 8 installation in couple minutes

In the previous article I wrote how to install JBoss AS 7 as service in Linux. In this one I'll enable you to install the new 8th version.

It got a new name. JBoss AS was renamed to Wildfly. The final version released recently, so it's a right time to try it.


  1. JDK 8 is installed or JDK 7 is installed.


The most part of installation steps for Wildfly 8 are the same as for JBoss AS 7. Therefore I will not duplicate them in this article.

UPD: Since alpha4 Wildfly's developers supply init script for Debian-like distributions (not only for RHEL distributions as before). I modified my install script to make it analyze environment and use relevant script.

For your convenience all installation steps were gathered into this script file or this GitHub Gist.

It works for me in Debian Wheezy, Jessie, Ubuntu 12.04, 13.10, 14.04, and CentOS 6.4, but I don't think that for other Linux distributions configuration will differ significantly.

To download and run this script just execute in the terminal the following commands

cd /tmp
wget -O
sudo bash

and Wildfly will be installed and run as service.


After installation standard Wildfly welcome page is available at http://localhost:28080.

If you want to make the service be automatically started every time when your system starts up and your system is Debian or RHEL-based, then run one of these two lines in terminal according to your distribution

sudo update-rc.d wildfly defaults      # for Debian-like distribution
sudo chkconfig wildfly on --level 35   # for RHEL-like distribution

otherwise you will be able to start it manually any time you need it

sudo service wildfly start
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