Making backups of ext4 partitions with FSArchiver

In this article I'll write how I made backup of system ext4 partition using FSArchiver tool for Linux.

Since I've changed file system of my Ubuntu partition to ext4, partimage couldn't create backups from it anymore. So I had to choose another utility instead. I stopped at FSArchiver. It's a CLI utility and whole backup process triggers by only one command.

I backed up my system partition, therefore it was necessary to use live-cd Linux (in my case SystemRescueCd). So firstly I had to mount partition for storing backup image:

$ mkdir /media/backup/
$ mount /dev/sda4 /media/backup

And after this a single command was necessary to backup my /dev/sda6 partition:

$ fsarchiver -j2 -z9 -L"Description of image" -s2037 savefs /media/backup/sda420110221.fsa /dev/sda6

which means that compression must be processed by two threads (I have 2 cores) with the 9th (highest) level of compression. Image must be splited into the parts with size 2037 MB and it will have description written insidethe quotes.

It took a lot of time (like 20 minutes) even for partition with only 7GB of information so choose lower level of compression if you hurry up.

You can find quick start about FSArchiver here. It looks like there is everything you have to know to start usage FSArchiver.

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