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  1. Gzipping website in Amazon S3 bucket

    Amazon S3 enables users to create static websites easily. It goes without saying that as far as websites are static there's no server related "sugar" like dynamic HTTP headers that depends on user's request. Unfortunately it also means that S3 service can't respond with either compressed or ...

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  2. How did I configure Ubuntu

    As they say there are two types of administrators: who do backups and who already do :) Unfortunately I began to think about this too late and as result I had to reinstall my system and configure it from scratch. In this article I'm describing how I did most steps ...

    Tagged as : Linux Ubuntu
  3. JBoss AS 7 Configuration

    It's kind of not trivial to use JBoss AS after usage of containers like Apache Tomcat or Jetty. And unfortunately JBoss AS isn't distributed in the way that let it be easily set up as service. This article is just a remember for me how should I install ...

    Tagged as : Linux Java
  4. Making Jersey-based web-services be JSONP friendly

    It's pretty easy to make web-services answer with JSONP callbacks if you're using Jersey. Adding single filter you can make all web-services' resources add callbacks to their response.

    Here is the code of such filter. Note that it's Jersey-based.

    import ...
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  5. MySQL. UTF-8 database creation snippet

    Well, I haven't remembered syntax of database creation in UTF-8 character set with MySQL for quite a long time. Finally I decided to write a little snippet because I used it so often last time.

    CREATE DATABASE database CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
    CREATE USER 'username'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY ...
    Tagged as : Linux SQL
  6. Performance Overview of String Concatenation

    Today I decided to test different ways of concatenation. I chose concatenation with "+" operator, String.format(...) and StringBuilder. I wrote simple code for determining time in milliseconds for each test.

    Source Code:

    package test;
    import java.util.Iterator;
    import java.util.TreeSet;
    public class Main {
        private static final double A ...
    Tagged as : Java
  7. Rapid logger creation in Eclipse

    In Eclipse it's possible to create easy to insert templates. Probably you have used "main" template by typing "main" and pressing Ctrl + Space to create main method. You also probably have faced the problem of logging huge amount of classes, and everywhere you needed to use logger factory, type ...

    Tagged as : Eclipse

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